Who we are
We are a group of real-life friends and family that have been dedicated Alliance players since we bought the game together in December 2004. We remember well the days when the Horde would pound our faces into the dirt and then spit on us. We remember the days when we were laughed to scorn for being the weaker faction. Well those days are past. We have risen from the dust and are exacting our revenge. Hell hath no fury like the scorned.

Although we dabble a little with arenas and instances, we are mainly focused on whatever it takes it make the Horde beg for the end. For the most part we play random battlegrounds and we win fairly close to 100% of the games we play. And we don't just win, we cover the ground in their blood far beyond what is required to win. We go for the 5 cap in Arathi Basin. We run them to their graveyards and farm them as they ressurect in Warsong Gulch. We go straight to mine in Gilneas and farm them at the boat till you can walk across the water on their floating bodies. We make sure they KNOW that we have complete control over their characters so long as they are part of OUR battleground.

When all is said and done, we use the extra honor to wipe the tears of the premade haters.

THIS IS NOT A GUILD INVITE, we are just looking for a few players to join our BG premade. We can invite you cross-realm, no need to transfer or join our guild.
Rule #1: (our only rule) No swearing or talking about sex. Period.

Beyond that you are free to play however you want. If you like to guard flags, go for it. If you want to be a rogue healer, more power to ya. If we decide to go get Blacksmith and you want to go to Lumber Mill, then go to Lumber Mill. If you like to troll the whiners in the chat log (of which there are many), party on - just remember rule #1.

Our deepest desire is that you enjoy the game in your own way.

Don't worry about winning, we will win, and we will win alot, probably 19 out of 20 games or more. We have ALOT of nights when we don't even lose a single battleground.

Yes we camp graveyards sometimes.
No, we never listen to any orders given from some random whiner.
Yes we sometimes focus on achievements instead of winning.
No we don't care if our pally is protection specced with ret gear.
Yes we complain about CC.
No we don't care how well geared you are.
Yes we use mumble to communicate with each other.
No we will not tolerate consistently breaking rule #1.
Yes we really want you to play the game how you will enjoy it the most.

We generally do random battlegrounds from 9pm-ish to 11pm-ish Mountain.
You can message Ramakandra on Daggerspine if you have any questions.

Join us, and watch the Horde beg for the end.
Dominate with us!
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