Arkaedian is a phonetic alphabet created by Mark Lyman in 2010 with 3 goals in mind...
  1. It had to be simple enough that his children could learn it.
  2. It had to look amazing.
  3. It had to be unreadable to anyone who didn't know it.
In order to accomplish these 3 goals, he followed a few guidelines.
  1. Most of the symbols are modified versions of the English Alphabet.
  2. Many of the letters are grouped by sound and the symbols for those groups are nearly identical. (Look at B, D, and P).
  3. The vowels are placed ABOVE the consonants, which accomplishes 2 things...
    • It makes is unreadable to outsiders.
    • It looks good.
    • It makes it VERY EASY to read. The brain can easily identify the phonetic changes in the words simply by the placement of the vowel above the consonant.
Here is an example sentence:

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

As stated, all vowels are placed above the consonants. Take note of the word "lazy" - there is a vertical line under the ee sound to show there is no consonant sound after it.

Arkaedian accomplishes the following:
  1. t's easy to learn to both read and write. Even for children.
  2. It's unreadable to outsiders.
  3. It looks good.

Here is a portion of the Gettysburg Address by Abraham Lincoln written in Arkaedian